<hero description="All things CATS related. " don't get raphina upset or you'll end up in her lair along with some dogs. She has guards on her side as well as security and the other cats that like being with her in the yard.

Welcome to Munkustraphina's WikiaEdit

All things CATS related. all about cats the musical.

This is my page about munkustraphina and her personality with mistoffeleese. She can dance, sing and act all in one, her bff's are Victoria white cat, Electra, Etcetera and rumpleteazer.

Munkustraphina's nickname is raphina. She doesn't like to be fooled and she hates pollicle dogs. The silver queen with black stripes is her calling form. Most of them call her the Queen of the Cats, though there are many queens and toms. She is sometimes shy around othr s which is normal in this case, she lives in the junkyard instead of a neighborhood. Her sister is Mistoffeleesse and her twin is munkustrap which of course is his female self. Her eyes are blue instead of brown like her male version, raphina loves to get down and dirty but also clean, she's tomboyish and a good leader.

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